Flash Fiction Challenge: Time to Create a Character

This is my first flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig’s blog Terribleminds.  In a nutshell, the idea is to create a character in 250 words.  Next week, readers of the blog can borrow the character and create a new story.

Grace Beasley is four foot-eleven. She tells people she’s five-one in an attempt to measure-up, but, she doesn’t want to push the fib too much. Her job is a constant reminder of her height, as she is the only teller at the bank who needs a stool at her window.

Grace thinks she has a weight problem, even though most of her friends say they’d kill for her figure – curvy enough to fill her dresses just right.  Having a tailor for a best friend doesn’t hurt.  She’ll still stop at the grocery store salad bar for dinner tonight.

Quitting time.  Grace washes her hands in the restroom just past the loan manager’s office.  She looks in the mirror, thinking the rich dark green of her blouse makes her skin look more pale than usual. She dismisses the thought, reminding herself she picked the blouse because it looks great with her hair – originally medium brown, now colored a brownish red and hanging in layered wisps to almost her shoulders.  Remember Grace’s best friend?  The tailor has a stylist friend.

Grace also notices her light blue eyes don’t seem to be as blue as they once were.  And on that note, she decides it time to go home, a ride that’s twenty minutes longer than it used to be, thanks to Douche-nozzle cheating on her, and her leaving the apartment.

Grace is proud that she has channeled her hurt and anger into becoming more proficient with her knives.  The stabby ones are nice, but the throwy ones are her favorites.  As a result, Grace is also known to make a killer stir-fry.


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