Soylent Green is… Tasty!

Listening to my John Coltrane station on I Heart Radio.


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I’ve been trying to eat healthier.  I’ve been having salads for lunch at work.  I try to work more fruits and vegetables in where I can.

There’s still the other side of the coin: cutting down on the less healthy options.  The Buffalo Chicken wraps in the lunchroom at work are always a stumbling block.  I will argue there is lettuce and tomato on the wrap, and its wrapped in a tortilla, and I skip the Ranch dressing, so, the sandwich is mostly healthy.  Even though the chicken is fried.  And the Buffalo sauce has a lot of butter in it.  So, it’s mostly healthy.  The trouble is, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap will be the sandwich of the week, so, I don’t have just one.  I’ll have at least three during the week.  And the lunch ladies at work make such a beautiful wrap, they put Subway and Chipotle to shame.

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Math Limerick Translation

Last week, I posted a Math Limerick I found on the internet. It looked like this:

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And now, for the translation!

A dozen, a gross, and a score,

Plus three times the square root of four

Divided by seven,

Plus five times eleven,

Is nine squared and not a bit more!

I hope you enjoyed.

Recipe: The Big Kahuna Burger


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I like movies.  I’m not too picky about them, as long as its Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, or a Western.  I can appreciate other genres if they are really well done.  I used to teach high school, therefore, I find horror movies boring.

I will watch anything by Quentin Tarantino.  I dig his movies, but they always make me hungry.  My guess is my blood sugar drops after three or more hours in a theater.  And the characters are always eating.

big kahuna 1

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I used my first Tarantino film, “Pulp Fiction,” and the hunger it induced, to inspire one of my favorite grill creations: The Big Kahuna Burger.

The Big Kahuna Burger

  • Difficulty: Seriously?
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  • Dipping the pineapple rings in sugar before grilling will give you some nice caramelization.
  • Use a skewer to grill the onion slices to prevent the rings from separating.


  • Hamburgers – The breakfast of champions!
  • BBQ sauce
  • Pineapple rings
  • Red onion, sliced
  • Spam, sliced
  • Provolone slices
  • Buns


  1. Grill the Spam slices, pineapple rings, and onion slices and set aside.  Hit them with some BBQ sauce during grilling if you like.
  2. Grill the burgers to your liking.  After flipping, slather on some BBQ sauce.
  3. Top the burger with a pineapple ring, an onion slice, and a slice of grilled Spam.
  4. Check out the big brain on Brad!
  5. Top with a slice or two of provolone.
  6. Close the grill and let the provolone melt for a few seconds.
  7. Remove to a platter and let the burgers rest before placing on buns and serving.

The provolone not only tastes great, it serves the structural purpose of holding the whole thing together.  Rather than running like other cheeses, provolone shrink wraps itself around the burger and toppings.  I’m thinking two slices would work better.

big kahuna 2

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big kahuna 3

Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty burger?

The Daddy Paddy

I’ve been neglecting the grilling aspects of my little piece of Cyberspace, so, I thought I’d dig a bit into my photo albums on Facebook and bring up some past projects.


The Daddy Paddy is the name my kids gave to the burgers I make on the grill.  I’ve ruined fast food burgers for them.  That’s a good thing.  Unless we’re at Red Robin or some place similar, the kids won’t touch a burger.  They’d rather have a chicken sandwich.

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