Air Fryer Bacon

Of all the air fryer bacon recipes on the Internet, this is one of them.

I needed crumbled bacon for a breakfast recipe I was making. I couldn’t find crumbled bacon in the grocery store, so, I decided I would have to make my own.

Sure, I could have bought pre-cooked bacon, but who’s going to read a post about using pre-cooked bacon? “I opened the package and used the bacon in my recipe.” As boring as kissing your sister. Unless you’re into that step-sister porn thing, but that’s another post.

I also have a quirk about having to make one recipe in order to prepare the recipe I actually want to cook. I’m looking at you, Mr. Bacon and Egg Salad, with your bacon mayonnaise recipe that is required for the salad. Since air fryer bacon is just one ingredient, I let it slide. This time.

Actually, it’s one ingredient and one piece of equipment, the air fryer. And I just happen to own one. Behold the majesty of the Emeril Lagasse 4.8 quart air fryer, in egg plant.

I picked it up from QVC a couple of years ago because I’m addicted to QVC in general, and to “In the Kitchen with David” specifically. Newer models are digital, but the dials aren’t so bad. Temperature is easy enough to dial in as long as you are familiar with the idea of division. Plus, you get bragging rights: “Sure, anybody can fry bacon with a digital air fryer, but, it takes a real aficionado to fry with—” dramatic pause, remove your sunglasses“— long division.”

I took to the Internet to find out just how long I should fry my bacon, and at what temperature. I found every temperature and every time frame under the Sun listed, in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. So, I just picked one to try and came up with 400 degrees F for 10 minutes.

The result was bacon jerky.

I found 360 degrees F for 5 minutes, and the results would probably make a person sick from under-cooking.

My guess is, with all the different brands and sizes of air fryers, there must be a wide range of power levels. I would like to think the authors had success with their times and temps, and didn’t present recipes as a practical joke, so it must be variables in the different machines.

I turned to my grilling experience, which told me to pick a reasonable temperature and cook it until it’s done. I liked the 360 degrees, hot enough to crisp the bacon, but forgiving enough that you have a wide window for success. Let it fry for about 5 minutes, check it, and keep checking every couple of minutes afterwords. You’ll soon get the hang of the timing. Your nose comes in handy for telling doness, also.

I don’t know how big the drawer of your air fryer is, but, even at 4.8 quarts, a strip of bacon is just too long for mine. I cut the bacon in half. That allows for easy arrangement in the drawer.

Funny thing with the shorter strips is that, at least on my machine, they get blown around a bit. Your mileage may vary, but for me, the strips are not always where I originally placed them when I check on them.

My non-recipe for air fryer bacon:

  • Know your machine
  • Pick a high but forgiving temperature
  • Pre-heat the fryer
  • Cut the bacon strips in half
  • Let your eyes and nose tell you when the bacon is done
  • Drain as usual

Your reward

And this is my Writing Buddy, Marbles, taking up all the leg room under the desk.

At least she stays off the keyboard.


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