How I’d Spend a Lazy Day

For Christmas this year my son gifted me a journal containing 300 writing prompts and space to write. I think it’s a wonderful gift, and have started making use of it already. I’ll start with the first entry for my first blog of the year.

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

My favorite way to spend a lazy day is to read. Possibly write. Maybe throw something tasty on the grill. Go to the gym for a workout and get a nice shower after. I might also play a video game.

If it is raining, I might put some music on and take a nap. A heavy rain is always good for a nap.

Music will be playing regardless. Something relaxing to fit the lazy nature of the day. Maybe some jazz, or meditation music.

Zoning out in front of QVC is always an option. I just must resist the temptation to buy something out of boredom.

I’ll have to resist the urge to waste the day watching YouTube.

A good movie or Netflix may be in order. I’d probably make popcorn to go with.