On Being Ordinary and Average

I have a lot of interests, and I view this blog as a way of keeping track of my experiences, successes, and failures with them.

I’ve noticed, while watching a show or a movie, that I found myself saying, “I could have written a better line/scene/story than that.”  So, I’m going to try my hand at writing.  This blog is part of that effort.

You could say I’ve started my second career.  I don’t know.  Does less than two years count as a career?  Becoming a teacher was a good thing, but, so was leaving the field.  I now work in the casino industry, which is relatively new to Ohio.  I think that’s good.  As I learn my way around, the casinos and the State are also.  We’re all in the same boat.  And that’s about as much of work life I want to cover.

I’m pretty good with a comeback during an argument, but, I still kick myself for thinking of a better retort later.

I don’t care how many times it has been used in the past, a well timed, well placed “That’s what she said,” never gets old.  That’s what she said!

I like sports, but, I can’t rattle off stats for any given player in any given year, like others can.  I use that area of my brain for more important things.  Like movie quotes.

<More to come as I think of them>


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