Book Review: “Pact with the Pack” by A.J. Mullican – Releases 9-15-20

Plenty of hot sex and a good story linking it all together.

Transparency: I received this e-book as an ARC from the author for review purposes. “Pact with the Pack” is also available in paperback.

After surviving one murder attempt by her ex-boyfriend, Cherry is rescued from a second attempt by a pack of wolves and is hiding out in a house in the woods. Then the real fun begins in this paranormal romance – reverse harem – wolf-shifter tale by independent author A. J. Mullican. I gave the book four stars. “Pact with the Pack” is the first book in the Bargains Struck series, and it’s a great story. I’m just leaving room for growth.

What I liked:
The story is told from Cherry’s first person POV. It didn’t take long for me to get used to this. Cherry is tough and strong, but through her narration, we get to see her self-doubts, concerns, and fears. We also get her thoughts on each of her rescuers. This results in Cherry being a well developed character. A lot of the action takes place off-screen, but we get a good idea of what happened after the fact. And honestly, I wasn’t reading it for action scenes, although the action scenes we do get are pretty good.

Cherry’s rescuers, the Hunter men, are also well developed. Each of their personalities is expressed through their wolf’s position in the pack. Cherry’s presence in the house seems to loosen the control each brother has of their wolf, which leads to them showing more of their personalities than they intend to Cherry.

There is plenty of sex in the book, all from Cherry’s point of view. I know, why else would you read the book? The point of view is refreshing for me, a male reader who usually doesn’t stray far from science fiction and fantasy. Throughout the course of a couple of days, Cherry finds herself alone (usually) with each of the brothers. Each scene is as different as each of the brothers. And each scene is HOT.

In closing, get this book. There’s plenty of steamy sex, and a good story linking it all together. Then follow A.J. Mullican and keep an eye out for the next book in the Bargains Struck series.

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Book Review: “Vicious” by V.E. Schwab (Yes, I know I am late to the party.)

This is what happens when bad people get superpowers.

Victor Vale and Eli Cardale were friends and roommates back in college. Together, they discovered how to grant themselves superpowers.

Eli thinks Extra Ordinaries (EOs), the term used for super powered individuals in Eli’s thesis and the news media of the day, are wrong. He starts to hunt down other EOs to kill them. Victor is out to stop Eli because he finally wants to see Eli fall. In Victor’s mind, if Eli is the hero, he must be the villain. “I can live with that,” Victor thinks. Victor is fueled by pride and jealousy and the idea that he’s “no fucking sidekick.” Others, both regular and Extra Ordinary, are dragged into the battle, leading to a conclusion that is complex, exciting, and pretty damn entertaining. Continue reading