Soylent Green is… Tasty!

Listening to my John Coltrane station on I Heart Radio.


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I’ve been trying to eat healthier.  I’ve been having salads for lunch at work.  I try to work more fruits and vegetables in where I can.

There’s still the other side of the coin: cutting down on the less healthy options.  The Buffalo Chicken wraps in the lunchroom at work are always a stumbling block.  I will argue there is lettuce and tomato on the wrap, and its wrapped in a tortilla, and I skip the Ranch dressing, so, the sandwich is mostly healthy.  Even though the chicken is fried.  And the Buffalo sauce has a lot of butter in it.  So, it’s mostly healthy.  The trouble is, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap will be the sandwich of the week, so, I don’t have just one.  I’ll have at least three during the week.  And the lunch ladies at work make such a beautiful wrap, they put Subway and Chipotle to shame.

Where was I?  Ah, yes.  Soylent Green. Continue reading